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Digital Marketing Tools for 2021

Digital Marketing Tools for 2021

The average internet user now spends 6 hours and 43 minutes online each day. With the amount of content someone sees, it can be hard to make yours stand out.

So, what can you do to get your company noticed? There are a couple key items you should start with, such as your company website and digital advertising tools that reach and engage with your target audience. Also, keeping all your digital content fresh and up to date is essential to successful digital marketing.

Let’s review some areas where you can make your digital marketing efforts stand out and drive your business in 2021.

1.) Build an Attention-Grabbing Website

When was the last time you made updates to your website design and content? Your website is your most important digital marketing tool. When a customer comes to your website they should be impressed. They should want to click around, easily find what they’re looking for, or find what you want them to find.

Updating your website frequently should become a part of your digital marketing habits. However, with running the rest of your business, constantly updating your website can become a time consuming and daunting task. Consider hiring a digital marketing agency to help create your company’s online customer experience.

A digital marketing company will not only manage your website, but all your digital marketing needs. This includes your social media management, online digital advertisements, website design, and digital marketing assets. Everything that will drive customers to your website and help convert them into sales.

2.) Unique Digital Marketing Techniques

Now that you have a well-designed website that captures attention, you need to capture your visitors’ contact information. A good CRM system that facilitates multiple touch points is essential, so that you can continue to engage and nurture them as a potential client, consumer or resident.

Over the Moon Sales and Advertising is a marketing and advertising agency specializing in creative ad design, digital advertising, online multimedia marketing, web development, and more. Our newest focus is on avatar videos. These avatar videos can be used in digital ads, on social media, and on your website.

The digital avatar is a warm and friendly digital character that speaks directly to your customer. You can set the avatar in any setting you want, deliver custom messaging in an engaging and captivating way, and keep your customers attention. Click here to experience a digital avatar video.

Get Help With Your 2021 Digital Marketing Strategy

For more information and a free quote on a custom marketing plan built just for your needs, call (858) 663-1408.

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Your 2021 Marketing Plan

Your 2021 Marketing Plan

It’s hard to believe 2021 is only a few months away. With everything going on this year, have you had time to set your 2021 marketing goals?

Setting goals and making plans to reach those goals are keys to success. To make sure you stick to your plan and achieve your marketing goals you’ll need to ensure you have the proper marketing tools, that you are marketing across the correct channels, and that your marketing efforts are effective and paying off.

Setting Your Marketing Goals

The first step is to define your marketing goals. Ultimately, your goal is going to be to increase revenue. However, how exactly do you plan on doing that? Is it through utilizing digital marketing and driving traffic to your website? Or maybe increasing large accounts with targeted marketing campaigns?

Whatever your marketing goals are, you want to make sure they’re realistic and obtainable. You also want to set timelines for your marketing goals. This will help you stay on track when working toward achieving your goals.

Reaching Your Marketing Goals

Now that you’ve set your goals it’s time to come up with a plan to achieve them. There are multiple tools, platforms, and channels to reach your audience. From traditional print and media advertising, to intricate social media campaigns with custom designs, to your company website, the ways to get your customers attention and increase your conversion seems endless.

The downside to having so many options is that it can become overwhelming. If you put all your focus on just one channel to reach your customer, you are missing out on a lot of other potential customers in other areas.

Consider hiring a marketing and advertising agency to help you reach your marketing goals. A marketing firm such as Over The Moon Sales and Advertising can help you create a well rounded marketing plan to achieve your 2021 marketing goals.

Over the Moon Sales and Advertising

Over the Moon is a marketing agency that specializes in everything from digital marketing services to traditional print and media. Over the Moon also offers specialized services such as virtual tours, web development, graphic design, social media creation, digital renderings and more.

Over the Moons latest feature are digital avatar videos that can make your company stand out. Avatar videos are a great way to grab your customers attention and make a personal connection, while showing your capabilities and what you have to offer.

Over the Moon is based out of San Diego and has worked with clients all over the west coast as well as the South West United States, reaching into Las Vegas and Arizona. Click here to see how Over the Moon can help you reach your 2021 marketing goals.

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OTM: Help Your Business with Digital Assets and Virtual Tours

OTM: Help Your Business with Digital Assets and Virtual Tours

Times are changing for new home marketing. Meetings have gone virtual, people are relying on online browsing more and more, and more companies are moving to online selling. With so many businesses going digital, standing out among your competitors is more difficult -- yet more important -- than ever.

Over The Moon Sales and Advertising can help you create and leverage the digital assets you need to reach your market of potential buyers and renters. OTM is an integrated marketing agency specializing in digital platforms, graphic design, web development, social media, and more.

Start by creating more relevant digital assets. This can include making sure you have an up to date website that is compatible across all devices: mobile, tablet and desktop. Make your social media more engaging and interactive. Give your customers a look at your product from the comfort of their own home with virtual tours.

A virtual tour will allow your customers and clients to feel like they are in your showroom, model home, apartment, or development. A virtual tour can give a feeling that pictures cannot. It immerses the customer in the space, as though they are walking through it.

For more information and a free quote on a custom marketing plan built just for your needs, visit us at We look forward to taking your next steps together to help you grow.

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10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Expert

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Expert

Whether you have a social media expert on staff or outsource to an agency, social media marketing is imperative to the success of any business today. When you hire a social media expert, you’re hiring someone with a multifaceted skill set who has the power to take your business to new heights.

Here are 10 reasons why every business needs a Social Media Expert:

1. Sales/Leads:
The end goal of any marketing strategy is to make more money. Social media experts are highly skilled in turning followers into customers. 75% of companies that marketed their products on social media reported an increase in sales within 12 months. Furthermore, 74% of consumers use social media to make purchase decisions.

2. Build Recognition & Credibility:
Beyond acquiring sales, one of the main goals of social media marketing is to build your brand’s image. A social media expert can help your brand gain a favorable online reputation. This can, in turn, transfer to real world brand recognition.

In this day and age, no one trusts a company without a social media presence. If you want to run a trustworthy, credible business, you need an attractive social media presence. An expert can help you achieve this.

3. Monitoring:
When you’re running a business, checking your company’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram isn’t the first thing on your mind every day. However, these platforms should be monitored daily to remove spam comments, respond to questions, and engage with potential customers. This is one of the many duties of a social media expert!

4. Targeting:
Social media experts know who’s on what platform and at what time. They also have a wealth of information on social media users’ interests, buying habits, and more. With all this information, they can create target audiences tailored perfectly to your brand. This ensures the people you are advertising to are those who are most likely to be genuinely interested in your product.

5. Increase Website Traffic
It’s not enough to sit and hope people will find your website on their own. You need to lead them there! Social media experts craft content and advertisements to direct customers to your website.

6. Increase Engagement
Interaction with your followers can turn them into customers and can turn customers into repeat customers!

Social media experts encourage engagement in the form of likes, comments, and shares, which in turn encourages customer loyalty. 53% of Americans who follow brands on social are reported to be more loyal to those brands. Likewise, 90% of businesses have reported increased exposure from social media!

7.Analytic Lens:
So you have results, now what? A social media expert can tell you what those results mean and how to change your strategy if the results aren’t what you want them to be.

Are your leads not turning into sales? Are your boosted posts not getting the engagement you want? A dedicated social media expert will get you the results you need!

8. Track ROI:
It can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what your return on investment is when it comes to social media marketing. An expert knows what to look at for and how to calculate results.

Social Media marketing is extremely trackable. A skilled social media marketer can measure sales, website traffic, app downloads, email subscriptions, and more. Plus, they can compare results to the amount of time and money spent to determine ROI.

9. Necessity:
People research everything online first, so if your business isn’t active on social media, no one will take it as seriously. It takes much more than just having social media platforms;. It it takes having an active and successful social media presence.

10. Competitor analysisAnalysis:
Social media experts can analyze your competitors’ accounts to find out what strategies work for them and where their weak points are.

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The Importance of CRM Programs

The Importance of CRM Programs

The single most important and indispensable asset of your business is your database. Whether you are into selling technology or laying bricks, the data about your prospective and existing clients is what makes your business unique, and is the largest opportunity for an increase in growth. The way to best maximize the potential of your connections and database is by utilizing an extremely helpful tool known as CRM.

What is a CRM? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management system. It is software that helps you manage and organize your client database, relationships and interactions.

What is the importance of a CRM? CRM is one of the most critical assets for lead generation as well as creating (and keeping!) a successful relationship with your valuable existing clients. If you really want to understand your customer and their behavior, integrating a CRM system into your website is going to give you the best chance to get your products sold. The idea behind it is to strengthen the relationship - the more likely you will get business and repeat business. This platform keeps track of every email, data point and interaction with the customer so you know exactly what they are exposed to. When you utilize your CRM correctly you can know exactly when you last talked with your client and what was discussed. This also opens the door to automation and scheduling when you want your database to receive messages, updates, discounts etc. so that you have more time to focus on growing your business. Most important of all a CRM is a very good overview of all of your clients. Key insights and trends realized via CRM can transform your business and really show you where and how you should be focusing your time and effort. Creating a one on one relationship as opposed to being a faceless organization will always give you the edge over your competition.

Where should your CRM be integrated? The short answer is your company website. Whether it is for lead generation, information, ecommerce, or all of the above, your website is like a sponge actively soaking up key information. To get access from that information and turn it into leads and sales, you need to connect your website to your CRM. The best way to do this is to present a call to action that requires the viewer to input their name and email address for (ex. free consultation, eligible for discount, etc.). When they click submit it goes instantly into your CRM and you are not only able to follow up with that person viewing your website, but you are also able to see how effective your website is. What is the click-through-rate? Do people want more information? Who is the target customer?

Why do you need CRM? Not only are the customer relations data insights very valuable to your business but there is really an infinite number of strategic takeaways you can use to your advantage toward your business. Here are a few of them:

1. Measuring sales calls- volume, length, and trends
2. Track sales closing rate
3. Pinpoint length of your average sales cycle
4. Understand your customer retention rate
5. Calculate lifetime customer value
Over The Moon Sales & Advertising is a passionate San Diego advertising agency. We encourage our customers to utilize a CRM. We believe it should always be part of your company’s digital strategies.

Over The Moon Brings Your Vision to Life!

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

If your business has not been using social media for your marketing efforts at this point, you are already behind your competition. To some it is an abstract after thought, that doesn’t generate any revenue. However, to many it is a staple for how their business engages their target consumer and how they gain more lifelong customers. Here are some of the key reasons social media marketing needs to be a part of your marketing efforts.

1. Grow Your Overall Traffic

Operating effective social media campaigns drastically increases your ability to drive your target audience to the content, website, or call to action that you want them to see. Strategically placed, creative social media posts and link placement have the ability to attract thousands of consumers all for free. Now that is a great return on investment!

2. Utilize SEO and Boost Your Site Rank

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. The more you attract eyeballs with your social media, the higher your site will rank in various search engines like Google, and in return drive more customers to your business.

3. Pinpoint Your Target, and Get Them Again

In the social media-marketing realm we call this targeting and retargeting. With certain channels like Facebook Ads, you can actually decide who you want to see your advertisement by demographic, geographic radius, and even psychographics. Once your target audience engages with your ad, they will continue to see your sponsored content while on that platform.

4. Improve Brand Loyalty

A study at the University of Texas Tech concluded that brands who actively use social media enjoy much higher loyalty from their consumers than those who do not. And it makes sense - When engaging your customer with social media it is a more one on one personal interaction and gives the opportunity to create lasting relationships.

5. Increase Your Bottom Line

And now for the best part, social media marketing is linked to an overall increase in sales. Here is a statistic that says it all, “70% of business-to- consumer marketers have acquired customers through Facebook”. Social media doesn’t just spread your brand awareness, but it creates many opportunities to incentivize your customer to buy what you are selling. Information is king. And with social media marketing you can get your information in front of the people you wish.

Need help with social media? Contact us! We can help with social media set up & management, SEO campaigns, and much more!

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OTM Advertising To Sponsor HomeAid San Diego’s Rey of Hope Celebration

OTM Advertising To Sponsor HomeAid San Diego’s Rey of Hope Celebration

Mark you calendars! Because right around the corner on Thursday October 26th HomeAid San Diego is hosting their 15 year celebration “Rey of Hope” event at 6 pm, on the rooftop of the Hotel Rey downtown. Come join us for a fun celebratory evening with friends and business partners to recognize their past achievements, and future plans to continue rebuilding the lives or at—risk homeless families, and individuals. Homelessness is an epidemic in San Diego. An estimated 10,000-15,000 people are without a home on any given night in our county. Nearly one-third of foster children become homeless in the 12-months after emancipation. The numbers are staggering, but the faces of the homeless are much like those belonging to you and me.

Over the Moon Advertising is proud to be a Housing Friend Sponsor for an organization, which has made a tremendous impact within our community since 2002. HomeAid San Diego is dedicated to building multi-unit housing for San Diego’s temporarily homeless men, women and children. HomeAid San Diego counts on an alliance of local building and industry organizations. You can get your ticket and support our homeless in our community today with the link below.

This very special organization has changed the lives of countless people and we are happy to see that they will be continuing their remarkable service towards the less fortunate throughout the community. We are looking forward to this fun night with good friends with an even better

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Congratulations to our CEO and Founder Stacie Greene!

Congratulations to our CEO and Founder Stacie Greene!

Over The Moon Sales & Advertising’s CEO and Founder Stacie Greene is a finalist for the San Diego Business Journal’s 2017 Most Admired CEO Awards! The event recognizes our local industry leaders’ great achievements within their companies and in the community. These executives have taken the lead in driving their businesses and the local economy. A very fitting nomination to Stacie Greene!

The event will take place at the Hilton San Diego Del Mar on Thursday, June 15, 2017- Good luck to our fearless leader!

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Client Showcase: The Design Studio by HomeSite Services, Inc.

Client Showcase: The Design Studio by HomeSite Services, Inc.

Over The Moon Sales & Advertising’s newest client HomeSite Services, Inc. opened their newest Northern California showroom in San Ramon, The Design Studio, on April 20th. We look forward to their success and have been working hard creating and managing their social media as well as the design of traditional assets needed for the opening. The Grand Opening was a hit! The Design Studio by HomeSite Services, Inc. is an elegant showroom with everything needed to build a new home. Follow them on Facebook at The Design Studio by HomeSite Services, Inc. for updates on their showroom.



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