Creating A Nurture Campaign

Creating A Nurture Campaign

Creating a nurture campaign, also known as lead nurturing, is the process of building a relationship between a customer and your brand.

Nurture campaigns focus on already existing relationships. This can be with a preexisting customer or with a prospect that has shown some sort of interest in your brand or product. The idea is to build, or nurture, your relationship to turn the customer or prospect into a long-term client.  

The goal of a nurture campaign is to stay in front of prospects by providing relevant, worthwhile content to warm them up until they are ready for sales. According to Marketing Sherpa, 79% of marketing leads never convert to sales. Lack of lead nurturing is the number one cause for poor performance.

Building Your Nurture Campaign

There are a number of ways to nurture leads including targeted content, multi-channel nurturing, multiple touches, timely follow-ups, and personalization. This can be done through multiple channels, and you will need content for each cannel to communicate with your customer.

Content you will use for your nurture campaign includes:

  • Emails
  • Social Media
  • Blogs
  • Case studies
  • Videos
  • Free trials
  • Free demos

Nurture campaigns are always targeted. This means the content you generate will either be audience specific, or sometimes even individually specific. It is important not to use generic marketing material when developing a nurture campaign. Remember, this is a relationship you’ve already started and are trying to build.

One of the key principles of a nurture campaign is that instead of selling, you’re conversing. It’s a tactic that is less abrasive, more personal, and less sales-like. The campaign strategy will focus on staying relevant to the potential customer by offering them information they can use, and ultimately guide them to a sale.

Launching Your Nurture Campaign

There are a couple different options when starting a nurture campaign. One option is lead scoring. To do this, you have to track your customers engagement with your brand and determine where they are in the buying process. Once you’ve determined where they are, you can split them into groups and start building your nurture campaigns targeted to each group.

Another option is to give your customers something to engage with and depending on how they engage will determine how your nurture campaign is presented to them.

For example, you can put a form on your website for customers to fill out to request more information. If someone fills out the form, this means they are curious about your brand. The next step would be to start nurturing the customers. It could be a follow up email offering them more content and an invitation for a personalized call.

Once you’ve started your nurture campaign the follow up steps are easy. You continue to follow up with different marketing touch points such as marketing emails, marketing content, and personal conversations to get your customer more familiar with your brand, and then transformed into a sale. If all goes well you will have a repeat customer.

Get Assistance Building Your Nurture Campaign

Creating a nurture campaign can be a lot of work and difficult to navigate. Consider hiring a marketing agency to help you build your brand strategy for the best results.

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