Marketing Project Coordinator/Manager Position

In this client-facing role, you'll support the team and lead your creative and technical teammates, shepherding client web design and marketing projects through our process to completion.

As a full-service, well established and respected agency, our projects are focused on of all of our clients’ needs, from website design to social media management and collateral production. Projects involve creative design, data-driven SEO, custom programming, and various content management systems. If you're comfortable with those things, and live at the intersection of the left brain and the right brain, you might thrive in this role...

As a Project Coordinator supporting the owner and our creative team, you will:

  • Participate in internal and external creative and technical project meetings. Schedule meetings. Document decisions. Create tasks. Follow up after the fact to ensure everyone delivers.

  • Assist in production of custom websites and campaigns. Spearhead the collection and organization of assets and content. Play a supporting creative role as projects come together. And sometimes, import content and assets to the website's CMS.

  • Meet bi-weekly with internal team. Hone your skills. Immerse in best practices and on-the-ground techniques for marketing project and account management.

As a PM managing your own projects, you will:

  • Start out managing smaller projects and evolve to larger ones, as the front line coordinator between our business clients and our in-house team.

  • Follow our documented processes to build project plans and schedules.

  • Share creative insights and help facilitate project conversations both internally and with clients, supported by the CEO.

  • Directly manage client relationships; talk on the phone and email; plan and conduct client meetings; coordinate with clients and answer their questions via zoom and email. At this small, busy agency, our PMs are the front lines of the client relationship.

  • Coordinate with our team and management to help designers, strategists and developers deliver cohesive marketing websites on schedule.

  • Track details — you are the extremely organized member of the creative team who helps ensure we live up to the promises we make our clients and that we never drop a ball. You'll review all deliverables before the client does, and works with the team to correct any issues.

  • Help catch bugs and technical issues, and guide clients as they learn to use their new websites and software. Our in-house developers and designers have your back and can always help you find the answers you need.

  • Help improve our process — work closely with management to identify bottlenecks and issues and help us all get better at what we do.

Once projects launch, you'll continue supporting our agency/client relationships:

  • Once projects launch, you'll continue supporting our agency/client relationships:

  • Identify tickets that will result in paid projects as opposed to simple support questions, and assist in creating estimates, getting client approval, and delivering hourly design and programming work.

The Job:

You might be a perfect fit, and thrive in this role if...

You enjoy the creative process and love working on a team, empowering creative people to do their best work.

You're comfortable with technology and the web. You don't write code, but you can speak intelligently about web browsers and the differences between desktop and mobile.

You're organized - a natural planner who anticipates the future and makes it happen.

You can soar between the 10,000-foot view and the deep dive into details of a sprawling creative project.

You're naturally proactive: The PM owns the project. Without you, this website will never launch. You keep the ball moving forward, build plans and schedules, monitor the team's progress, and work with the client for key meetings and deliverables -- while keeping them happy and informed.

You're flexible: You've built the perfect plan, and everyone's signed off. Suddenly, something changes outside of your control, and we need a new plan. You roll your eyes, laugh in the face of danger, and start building Plan B.

You are diplomatic and ready to bring joy to clients, while standing firm for your teammates when it counts.

You're a perfectionist. It's your eye, at the end of the day, that catches something small that everyone else might have missed.

Salary and Experience

Our ideal applicant might have 1+ year creative agency/marketing/design experience but what we're really looking for is a natural leader, a perfectionist with a love of design, comfortable with people and technology, and a passion to grow.

Starting salary compensable with experience and include benefits such as health insurance, 401K and paid vacation. Work 30+ hours per week both in person and remotely.

Apply via email:

In your email please include:

  • Your resume and a link to your LinkedIn account.

  • Let us know about your most recent, relevant experienceand anything else you feel we should know.

  • Send 3+ References, phone numbers of your former employer(s) and include professional organizations you network with.

  • Tell us what your long-term professional goals are. We are looking for a person who wants a career, not just a job.

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