6 Digital Marketing Trends and Tools for 2021

2021 is here!  2021 brings a wealth of opportunity for businesses.  How will you get your business noticed?

Digital marketing is a must have for any company that wants to thrive going into 2021. Digital marketing can range from your website to your social media, email marketing, digital ads, SEO, and more.

Below we review a few trends to help your digital marketing in 2021.

1.)  Conversational and Interactive Marketing

With social media and review websites like Yelp being the new go-to for consumers to learn about a company, having a responsive marketing plan is one of the best ways to connect with your customers. This means that as a company you must have interactive conversations with your customers across multiple platforms.   

People like to be heard and be responded to. If you are not actively responding to customers through email, social media comments and direct messages, and online reviews, you are missing out on a huge marketing opportunity.

Conversational and interactive marketing is a personalized approach to doing business online. It allows you to have a direct connection with your customer, immediately address any problems, concerns, or complaints, and move customers through a positive experience. Using conversational and interactive marketing is one the best and easiest tools to take advantage of in 2021.   

2.) Personalization

What sets you apart from your competition, especially in 2021? With so many ways for consumers to find what they’re looking for online, it’s really a buyers’ market. So why should someone choose you over your competition?

Personalization can be the difference in a consumer deciding between you and the competition. The more personalized your messaging is, the more likely the consumer is going to choose your company.

Personalizing your marketing campaign can be done in multiple ways. From sending personalized emails to creating targeted personalized social media campaigns, there aremultiple approaches to personalizing your marketing efforts to your target audience.

Statistics show that consumers are more likely to respond to personalized marketing than random ads. With the amount of ads a consumer is exposed to in a single day, it is extremely important to create something that will stick with them. Personalizing a marketing effort can be the difference in gaining a new customer or wasting marketing dollars.   

3.) Compassionate and Purpose Driven Messaging

It is always important to project positive messaging, however it may be more important now than ever. With everything going on in the country, and the world, people are looking for positive, compassionate, and meaningful companies to engage with.

 A report from Deloitte states that brands need to “be deeply attuned to why they exist and who they are built to serve.” This means that you need to know your brand and how it connects to the communities and consumers you are targeting, and execute not only to profit but to give back as well.  

All your messaging should be genuine and a true representation of your company or brand. Building a connection with your target market though compassion must be genuine. Building a connection through compassionate efforts can create lifelong loyal customers and help gain attention to attract new customers.  

4.) Organic SEO and Paid SEM 

Sometimes, getting your message, advertisement, or even company website noticed can be the hardest part. How do you make it to page one on Google when someone types in something related to your company? Or how do you increase your social media engagement and create a larger audience?

This is best done through search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). SEO can be done multiple ways, including on-page, where you use keywords and meta data to increase your search results. SEM is where you pay for ads and increased results.

SEO can be used across multiple platforms, from your website and social media, to videos and images. SEO is one of the greatest tools available to get your company noticed online.

5.)  Use of Video Marketing

Video marketing is the most engaging tool you can use to captivate your audience. Videos are more likely to be shared on social media, increase conversation, create confidence in purchase decisions, and get potential customers to take action.

Moreover, video can be used across multiple platforms. Of course, everyone thinks YouTube when they think video. But with constant updates and new apps on the market, video can be used in multiple ways from Instagram to Facebook and even LinkedIn. New video platforms are constantly popping up.

Videos are proven to increase website and social media visits, especially when video SEO is being used.

6.) Partnering with Professionals

Effectively conducting marketing efforts while running a business can be a difficult task. Sometimes seeking outside help can be beneficial and productive.

Over The Moon Marketing and Advertising is a San Diego based marketing agency that specializes in digital marketing, and can help you reach your marketing and sales goals for 2021.

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