The Importance of Understanding Your Target Audience

The number one most important aspect to consider when marketing or advertising is knowing your target audience. You can have the greatest messaging out there, but if it is not reaching the right people, it will go unheard and unnoticed.

Knowing your audience means knowing your target demographics and psychographics. If you are marketing directly to your customers, demographics can be information including their ages, location, occupations and marital status; psychographics include lifestyle, interests and values.

If you are marketing to other businesses (B2B) then demographics can vary from what industry they’re in, who specifically in the business you are marketing to, budget, and their customer demographics.

Determining Your Target Audience

To determine the right target audience for your business, you will want to take your target demographics and build a customer profile or persona. Use the demographics to help determine exactly who you are aiming your marketing at.

Your business should exist to solve a specific problem. Your message should address the people who need this problem solved. You do not want too broad of a message. If you are trying to talk to everyone, then you are not talking to anyone. Your audience should feel like you are addressing them.

Cost Efficiency  

Not only is it not effective to not know your target audience, it is also expensive. Social media platforms are considered pay to play advertising, where if you want to reach a large audience you have to pay for it. You don’t want to spend unnecessary amounts of money on ads that are not effective.

Get Help Reaching Your Target Audience

Using experts such as a marketing agency to help you reach your target audience and create your messaging can be extremely beneficial.  

Over The Moon is a full-service marketing and advertising agency with over 40 years of experience. OTM specializes in digital and traditional marketing, custom marketing plans, and unique marketing strategies.

For more information and a quote on a custom marketing plan built just for your needs, call us at (858) 663-1408. We look forward to taking your next steps together to help you grow.

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