What is SEO & how can it be used to help your brand or business?

SEO, the acronym for “search engine optimization,” is a way to improve your website to increase its visibility on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more. By utilizing methods to increase your SEO, you are effectively increasing your reach, ability to attract attention to the products and services you provide, and overall success of your business.

By scanning websites for key words, there are complex algorithms that constantly monitor websites to collect information utilized to index each site. By doing this, these algorithms then possess enough information to determine where it makes most sense to place your site in relation to others. This helps people find the most relevant websites to their searches, increasing overall user experience.

SEO is an organic method of increasing the visibility and ranking of your site, as opposed to paid search ads. Paid ads occur when large companies pay the search engine to highlight their site at the top of the results.

Over the Moon Advertising has our own proprietary algorithm that competes with Google Ads for a fraction of the cost. Developed by our in-house webmaster and proven to be extremely effective, our algorithm has a track record of configuring the backends of our clients’ websites with keywords and information that places them among the top search results for their industries.

Interested in learning more? Contact us at (858) 663-1408, or by scheduling an appointment through our Calendly here: https://calendly.com/overthemoonadvertising for more information about our proprietary algorithm and how it can help you increase your SEO!

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