Importance of Media Management and Brand Presence

With the perpetual growth of the power of media in our society, it becomes more and more challenging for companies to create and sustain a strong media presence.Though the competition produces hurdles, leading brands give us the opportunity to evaluate what works in that industry.

One of the most important properties of constructing a strong media presence for your company heavily relies on building a multichannel media plan. While you can never physically be everywhere at the same time, your brand has the opportunity to do so through engagements within the multichannel platforms. Consistency and uniformity throughout these channels firmly support the outcomes of brand recognition and engagement.

Below are images of social distancing campaigns created by leading brands who have established a strong media presence, allowing them to alter their logos without losing their visibility. Though the companies distorted their logos, consumers knew who they were at first glance.

How to perfect your multichannel media presence.
While establishing the presence is the start, perfecting it consists of several resources. Incorporating Over the Moon’s proprietary algorithm, which compares with Google Ads, as well as SEO and SEM strategies will optimize traffic and visibility from organic and paid search, allowing for increased search and presence within channels.

Amongst that, it is vital to strategically plan out your posts within your media portfolio, time, format, topics, etc. The format decisions include ensuring that the interface is optimized for all devices, phones, laptops, tablets, smart watches, etc. The times in which the posts will be most successful will be gathered through the analytics collected from the data calculating platforms used to manage your media posts (Hootsuite, Hubspot, Loomly, etc.). These management platforms help identify the peak days and times to publish content for maximum engagement based on your prior data.

Lastly, the full scope of calculated metrics provided by these management tools, help create social media reports. These media reports allow us to evaluate the progression rates amongst all channels, generate future marketing plans, and gather leads.

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