Preparing Your 2023 Marketing Plan

As 2022 approaches its end, the Over the Moon Advertising team hopes that the past year has helped you establish and develop an effective plan for your marketing goals. Now, it is time to evaluate your past year and plan for 2023. Each new year brings us new trends, techniques, and advancements in the advertising world, so it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and plan to utilize these up-and-coming tools to your greatest advantage.

A comprehensive marketing plan illustrates the process in which you define who you are, what your mission is, and why to choose you or your brand. That is what helps us create material to specifically target your vision of the company. The important part is evaluating if the strategy implemented is working for your brand. This involves:

  • Analyzing monthly KPIs (key performance indicators)
  • Utilizing algorithms to generate high levels of reach and engagement in your media portfolio
  • Strategically implementing the newest trends within your branding to be culturally inclusive 
  • Taking advantage of CRMs (customer relationship management tools) to keep track of loyal followers and new leads for your business

KPIs & Algorithms

The most important aspect of creating a marketing plan is to evaluate and revolutionize your plan. This involves in-depth analysis of your target audience and KPIs (key performance indicators) to successfully manage and maintain media presence, relevance, and consistent growth of your brand’s identity. Each social media platform can track specified KPIs to help you understand the success rate of your material. These analytics will help you distinguish the strengths and weaknesses within your strategy and allow you to adjust them to your benefit.

It is also crucial to maximize your technological resources to ensure you are on top of targeting the largest portion of your market audience. Algorithms which influence SEO and SEM strategies help exponentially increase overall reach to audiences within online platforms (social media accounts, websites, blogs, etc.). At OTM, we provide our very own cost-effective algorithm to help grow your media exposure and create a higher engagement rate, which in turn perpetually builds your brand presence.

Revolutionize with New Trends      

Exposure means nearly nothing if the material does not lead to attention and engagement from your audience. With external research as well as social media reports (data analytics of posts on each of your social media platforms), you can achieve an understanding of the specific style of trends that prove to be most successful for your brand. This allows you to better recognize your audience and further incorporate top media trends into your branding for optimal brand presence and engagements. 


CRMs are platforms that collect and organize data pertaining to current and potential clients. By utilizing one of these programs, you are continuously handed a golden ticket of generated leads. Along with that, a vital component in sustaining a community is understanding your consistent or “loyal” followers. It is crucial to maintain relationships with these followers and understand the aspects of your brand that keep them within the community you have built.

Over the Moon is here to help you and your company grow! Schedule a consultation at or call us at (858) 663-1408 to see how Over the Moon Advertising can help you revolutionize your marketing and branding plans!

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