The Importance of CRM Programs

The single most important and indispensable asset of your business is your database. Whether you are into selling technology or laying bricks, the data about your prospective and existing clients is what makes your business unique, and is the largest opportunity for an increase in growth. The way to best maximize the potential of your connections and database is by utilizing an extremely helpful tool known as CRM.

What is a CRM? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management system. It is software that helps you manage and organize your client database, relationships and interactions.

What is the importance of a CRM? CRM is one of the most critical assets for lead generation as well as creating (and keeping!) a successful relationship with your valuable existing clients. If you really want to understand your customer and their behavior, integrating a CRM system into your website is going to give you the best chance to get your products sold. The idea behind it is to strengthen the relationship - the more likely you will get business and repeat business. This platform keeps track of every email, data point and interaction with the customer so you know exactly what they are exposed to. When you utilize your CRM correctly you can know exactly when you last talked with your client and what was discussed. This also opens the door to automation and scheduling when you want your database to receive messages, updates, discounts etc. so that you have more time to focus on growing your business. Most important of all a CRM is a very good overview of all of your clients. Key insights and trends realized via CRM can transform your business and really show you where and how you should be focusing your time and effort. Creating a one on one relationship as opposed to being a faceless organization will always give you the edge over your competition.

Where should your CRM be integrated? The short answer is your company website. Whether it is for lead generation, information, ecommerce, or all of the above, your website is like a sponge actively soaking up key information. To get access from that information and turn it into leads and sales, you need to connect your website to your CRM. The best way to do this is to present a call to action that requires the viewer to input their name and email address for (ex. free consultation, eligible for discount, etc.). When they click submit it goes instantly into your CRM and you are not only able to follow up with that person viewing your website, but you are also able to see how effective your website is. What is the click-through-rate? Do people want more information? Who is the target customer?

Why do you need CRM? Not only are the customer relations data insights very valuable to your business but there is really an infinite number of strategic takeaways you can use to your advantage toward your business. Here are a few of them:

1. Measuring sales calls- volume, length, and trends
2. Track sales closing rate
3. Pinpoint length of your average sales cycle
4. Understand your customer retention rate
5. Calculate lifetime customer value
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