Media Management: “Uniformity”

When managing brand identity, maintaining a relevant presence takes consistent media generation with uniformity throughout your platforms and collateral. Though the term “uniform” may insinuate standardized and bland imagery, in marketing we like to emphasize the power of team uniforms–and I’m not talking jerseys. 

Team uniforms represent a team’s success, pride, and history while gaining their audience's attention and loyalty. This consistency strengthens branding and engagements but leaves room for individuality presented by members of the team through their skills, tactics, and characteristics. This compels a strong, uniform brand image with unique and strategic campaigns throughout the brand’s lifecycle. Each campaign highlights different aspects or promotions of your company while encapsulating the brand image, really emphasizing what sets your brand apart from the rest.

Agencies like ours are trained to evaluate and construct media plans to produce content that will cohesively flow through all your platforms. We emphasize your brand image while we initiate various creatively structured campaigns to escalate your quarterly and annual goals. Meaning our team will create and manage media content, develop and/or maintain website material, and generate electronic and physical collateral.

Media Platforms
Social media is a more aggressive branch of media marketing which makes it more challenging to sustain a presence, especially with increasing competition and the overwhelming amount of content out there. Over the Moon Sales and Advertising makes it easier for your company by creating and managing the content on your digital portfolios. Our team incorporates various tried-and-true tactics to improve the engagement and reach of your posts, such as utilizing holidays, popular events, and trending topics that resonate with your audience, or humanizing your company by sharing team photos and highlighting employees Ultimately, succeeding on these platforms heavily relies on a consistent and innovative approach to connecting with your audience and requires an ability to keep up with rapidly evolving trends in media–on both a technical and cultural level–in order to maintain relevance.   

Website Development and Maintenance
While aesthetics are incredibly important, functionality and performance are crucial components in site-building as they determine a user’s overall experience when navigating your company’s website. Our team will focus on creating a smooth, well-functioning website uniquely designed to match your brand and enhance your message. We help you connect the dots by performing SEO management through our proprietary algorithm, curating blogs to correspond with brand image and SEO targets, and driving your social media leads to your site.

Marketing Collateral
Marketing collateral is more versatile than ever, extending from brochures, business cards, and site maps to digital products such as videos and QR codes. Its purpose is to communicate and promote a brand’s message whether it be physically or digitally. Our agency’s goal is to keep up with the ever-growing formats of marketing collateral to determine which types are right for your organization in order to help increase audience outreach and get you closer to achieving your goals.

All three of these branches of media marketing act as players or members of a team. To ensure your audience recognizes and builds loyalty towards your products, services, brand message, and identity, uniformity must be established amongst the “team.” When you bring uniformity to your brand with a strong strategy and structure, you will soon see its immense positive impact prevail.

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