Event Marketing

This summer let’s socialize and network! Now is the perfect time to plan for event marketing opportunities. Event marketing entails strategically organizing an engaging promotional event for your consumers and partners. Whether it’s a celebration, tradeshow, sales event, or a charity event, marketing through these affairs allows you to leave an unforgettable impression on your audience.

There are various things to consider in a successful event marketing plan. You must first establish a clear end goal for the event to decide the appropriate venue, itinerary, and guest list that would best suit your needs and those attending. Only after verifying the logistics can we begin the marketing process.

Invitations are the first opportunity to grab an audience’s attention. Here at Over the Moon, we use a data-driven process to help us understand what engages your target audience—the people that should be attending, and the style of artwork that will influence their engagement.

For events open to the public, you should always have campaigns prepared for multifaceted media platforms to reach the optimal number of audiences consistently before the event. If the event is private, your marketing team should include live streams and posts during and after the event. These posts should have a pre-planned structure and goal with just a little room for improvisation. Advertising an exclusive event tends to be more intriguing to more people and possible prospective clients, generating the desire for access.

Marketing Material
Your marketing material starts with an invitation and extends to social media posts, signage, corporate videos, and event favors, which our team specializes in. We help deliver the style and message you want for your event using state-of-the-art photography equipment, professional graphic designers, and data analysis for a successful and engaging experience that is strategically catered to your needs. To create a memorable experience, it is vital to create an environment that is informational and opens opportunities for new business but is not aggressively sales-oriented.

Post Event
After an event, a thank-you email should be sent to all the members who attended including a link to your contact page. This will show your company’s gratitude for their attendance as well as act as a reminder for your guests to click through to future business opportunities.

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